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Transform's Optimization Customers


Transform is a multinational company with its footprint expanding around the globe. The value to our clients is evident in our ability to unlock significant business value using the live supply chain data that currently drives the functional routines.

Our niche is system agnostic. Using the systems you already own, Transform will show you how to significantly reduce working capital while improving service levels. Our confidence in the Connecting Supply Chains (cSc) Methodology and the value we know it adds to organizations compels us to share this with ambitious product and service providers in the market. Transform’s methodology ensures more organizations and their users are educated and guided to take full advantage of their ERP solution to derive the tangible value they deserve from it.

​Our cross functional skills in SAP as an ERP solution has helped organizations reach levels of functional integration maturity that translates to service level improvement and cost savings in excess of 20%.

We develop the talent within your organization capable of unlocking the value from implemented functional supply chain solutions, your own team will achieve this value with sustained results using the technology which you already have in place.

In our experience organizations are ready to take advantage of a situation where there is plenty of data but not enough intelligence. Organizations capture loads of information through their supply chain transactions but have little knowledge of how to mine the tangible business value locked within the data.

Transform’s Connecting Supply Chains (cSc) methodology is guaranteed to empower your team to achieve and sustain competitive value through highly integrated business functions.

Transform’s slogan, “Unlocking the Value through You”.

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Transform Interview with AECI

Transform Interview with AECI

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Transform Interview with Denbury

Transform Interview with Denbury

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Transform Interview with SAFRIPOL

Transform Interview with SAFRIPOL

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Transform Interview with Distell

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Customers Say
This is what our customers say

I would like to thank you for the incredible work done by yourself and the Transform team over the past few months. I believe it has and will go a long way to “revolutionizing” not just the business but the industry in terms of managing stock rotation and product mix of such a complex asset class.


Outside of the ability of Transform to identify with the business and standard “best practices” in terms of procurement and stock optimization, I believe one of the greatest strengths and value adds is the emphasis placed on people, teamwork and knowledge. The rigid structures and protocols and the B2B feedbacks with daily procurement and ordering schedules has proved invaluable and is now the backbone of the business. It is this, in my mind, which underpins the entire business and has allowed us to both reduce our number of SKU’s, order sizes, product ranges and improve data accuracy and information sharing amongst staff through making educated decisions as a team! It has been a pleasure watching my team grow as individuals and develop a better collective understanding on best principles and their own business.


Thank you once again and may the road ahead continue to be one of further growth and development.


Kind Regards

Sanlic House Of Locks

Chief Operating Officer


Good Day GM,


A few of the planners / buyers have recently commented very positively with regards to the Inventory Optimisation training they had received. All that have come to speak to me, have said they have learnt so much one in particular even voiced their massive disappointment that they missed the session last Friday.


It is very refreshing to know that even as the timing is not of the best, people are really appreciating and welcoming the training and knowledge gained.


I thought this would be of interest to you.

Kind Regards,

Macsteel: Coil Processing

Procurement Manager



Transform asked: How are those Inventories doing?


Hi, all is good on our side, yes!

Stock holding has dropped and we are now forecasting way in advance we have orders due to arrive from now up to 6 months into the future!  Stock mix is coming right and we are beginning to hold the correct stock and stock outs are at an all-time minimal.


I propose that by April next year we would be operating at an optimal level.


Kind Regards


Group Procurement Manager



1. “For the first time in 25 years we all speak the same supply chain language.” (CEO)

2. “I never thought you meant THIS when talking about INTEGRATION. Everybody is pulling in the same direction.” (Operations Director)

3. “You truly empowered everyone to question actions with insight and push back if actions does not fit the PLAN.” (Supply Chain Manager)

4. “How is it possible that we could have all this functionality available in SAP and not be introduced to it in 8 years since go-live?” (Operation Manager)

5. “You truly simplified the way we work or rather clarified each person’s responsibility to work together in a predictable way.” (Maintenance Engineer)

6. “This was our 5th attempt to get MRP working for us and I truly doubted that it could work in our industry but you proved me wrong.” (Operations Director)

7. "In all my career this is the only initiative involving people and system that truly brought positive change about." (Engineering Manager)

8. "I have attended a workshop on Transform's Integration Methodology in terms of MRP. Being new to the concept of logistics in SAP I walked into the training room as "blank file". At the conclusion of the workshop I had a firm grasp of the subject.This is solely because of the way Transform dealt with my limited knowledge and the continued support I received. They ensured that I understood the concept and what value it could bring to the business. Transform are true professionals and experts in their field."  (Logistics Supervisor)

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