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Optimization Services

Transform assesses, educates, optimizes and certifies organizations through our Connecting Supply Chain (cSc) methodology.

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Executive Presentation


Transform’s Connecting Supply Chains Methodology has helped organizations achieve as much as 20% improvement in service and cost savings.

We let your live data tell us the story in a 1–2 hour audience with the business executives.

Using your live data, we will prove opportunity in:

  • Inventory optimization

  • Service level improvement

  • Working capital reduction

We provide you with the transaction codes and guide you through the transactions on your system in this presentation.

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Business Improvement Assessment


At Transform we believe that we can show you how to mine significant business value from the ERP solution you’ve already implemented, without you needing to spend on additional software solutions.

Transform’s methodology spans across all industries and software systems with focused attention on connecting the total supply chain and highlighting the value to be achieved when functional silos are removed. By using your live data, Transform can discover and list the opportunities which you can take advantage of, without investing in additional technology.

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Business Improvement Realization

Regardless of the size and management structure of your company, at Transform we offer coaching to supply chain leaders to facilitate a fluid collaboration between all aspects of a supply chain. We equip leadership to manage a fully connected supply chain.

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Strategic Supply Chain Planning

Strategic supply chain planning extends beyond the ability to calculate a planned demand quantity within a future period. The only guarantee anyone can give is that the forecasted or planned number is probably inaccurate. An inaccurate demand plan increases the risk on services and costs throughout the rest of the supply chain. Transform educates supply chains on how to create demand signal stability using strategies, buffers and priority management.

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Integration Console &
Governance Structures


Transform’s Integration Console, is a hub for visibility, decision making, and management action, based on end-to-end supply chain analytics.

The Integration Console is fully integrated into ECC with measures extracted on a daily basis from standard SAP management reports and tools and populated into standard information structures within ECC. KPIs can be reported according to agreed Governance Structures to ensure continues business transformation.

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Connected Supply Chain Workshops


These unique workshops encourages attendees to access their own supply chain data as the presenters introduce standard integration techniques that are guaranteed to add value in your supply chain by leveraging your current SAP software solution. The workshops cuts across industries and organizations focused on maintenance, production, and sales of parts and services. These techniques are also perfect if you are preparing for S4 HANA.

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User Education & Certification


User Competence Assessment 

Transform offers the certification of supply chain system users. We offer three levels of certification;

Level 1 – Fundamentals

Level 2 – Integration

Level 3 – Strategic

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Optimize Inventory Holding

Inventory optimization is best achieved in a connected supply chain using real-time exception management. This is attained by using standard tools and reports designed to facilitate full visibility across the full value chain.

Capital investment constraints or objectives and service-level goals over a wide range of stock-keeping units are balanced while taking demand and supply volatility into account.

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Sustained Business Improvement

Change is the only constant in any organization. Development and promotion of people is inevitable in any growing organization.  A sustainability program ensures that improved processes don’t fall back to the old way of doing things.

Transform’s sustainability solution covers:

  • User certification and re-certification

  • On-boarding of new team members

  • Integration Console to monitor performance

  • Governance program to ensure ongoing improvement

  • Ongoing change management program

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