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Frequently Asked Questions

 01  Which services do you offer?

Our methodology takes systems, process, and people into account.

We show you how to unlock data value in your digital supply chain.

We educate you on how to integrate best business practices across the functions in your supply chain.

We educate, certify and coach daily governance routines that guarantee value to the bottom line.



 02  Do you sell software?

We don’t sell software and we don’t charge license fees.

We teach you how to fully utilize the software you already own.

We take you back to basics and help you set functional standards.

We may enhance or implement software which you already own.

We will highlight functional gaps where your current software is limited.




 03  What do you mean by "Connecting Supply Chains"?

Our methodology is focused on breaking down the functional silos in an end-to-end supply chain.

A fully connected supply chain (integrated) provides the business with the following edge:

  • End-to-end visibility – from the point of sales all the way through to material purchase

  • Connected phases – as the functions move from the plan - to the schedule - to actual

  • Audit trail – ensuring that every action in the supply chain is driven by trusted demand

  • Strategic management decisions – based on facts, governed processes and controlled plans

Connected supply chains crosses the boundaries into customer and supplier systems. (Silo Breakdown)




 04  What makes Transform different to our current support partner?

We don’t do it to you, we educate your business teams on how to be in total control?

We have an education and certification program that puts the power into your people.

We introduce a world class supply chain governance program.

We show you how to set value targets and measure the daily progress towards those targets.

We are prepared to enter into risk/reward partnerships which guarantee our results.

We don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk.

Our teams are passionate and excited about what they do because they are confident and capable.




 05  What ERP Systems do you specialize in?

We are system agnostic because our primary focus is data value and supply chain integration.

The majority of our clients are on SAP as their ERP solution, and as a result we have developed phenomenal skills in functional planning, executing and analysis using existing tools and reports within standard SAP.

Smaller organizations tend to adopt the more affordable solutions while the larger organizations target the ‘best of breed” solutions. Our teams are comfortable across multiple software solutions as basic best business practice applies across software and hardware.

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