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cSc - Connecting Supply Chains

Does your Supply Chain  need Optimization?

“We have SAP but we are still unable to overcome the challenges that
drive up our costs while we lose or delay valuable customer sales.”
“We don’t know what we don’t know.”
  • Master Data isn’t trusted
  • Our departments blame one another
  • Everyone still on spreadsheets
  • Are we ready for S4 HANA?
  • Our costs are too high

Steps of Engagement

Steps of Engament.png

Executive Presentation

Begin with the Executive Presentation – a one to two-hour session where Transform will access your live supply chain data, for the first time, in the presence of your executives and prove beyond a doubt that Transform can reduce costs while improving customers service levels.
Exec Present.png
See the following opportunities in your
live data:
  • Inventory Reduction
  • Service level improvement
  • Forecasting and Planning improvement
  • A Methodology that will deliver

Integration Console

Integration Console.png

117 Business Value Measures guaranteed to drive Change and Improvement

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