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Book your free online supply chain fundamentals.

24 March 2022
16:00 -18:00
GMT +2 hours

Existing SAP supply chain solutions are discovering how to reach beyond the transactional solution and unlock the hidden value in their integrated supply chain.
This 2 hour session will equip you with the routines that have eluded so many, till now. 

Experience the simplicity and getting back to basics.
Empower your team to add the necessary value.

Audiovisual Conference


Forest Road

Operations Director

“I never thought you meant THIS when talking about INTEGRATION. Everybody is pulling in the same direction.”

Hills and Valleys


“For the first time in 25 years we all speak the same supply chain language.”

Green Plants

Maintenance Engineer

“You truly simplified the way we work. Clarifying each person’s responsibility to work together in a predictable way.”

Procurement Manager

 "All that have come to speak to me, have said they have learnt so much.  One in particular voiced their massive disappointment that they missed the session".

Green Leaves

Engineering Manager

"In all my career this is the only initiative involving people and system.  True positive change!"

Logistics Supervisor

" I had a firm grasp of the subject when the workshop ended. Transform made sure I understood the concept and what value it could bring to the business".

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