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The biggest mistake that happens at implementation is that a small part of the solution is implemented and the most powerful functionality is left unexplored and wasted.

The transaction as implemented works. The value you are looking for is hidden in your data.

Your data maturity will show you whether the system is working for your business or whether you are working for the system, at a cost.

Transform’s cSc (Connecting Supply Chains) methodology helps organizations develop daily routines that challenge and improve system performance to greater levels of data reliability and transactional automation.

Systems begin to help with the day-to-day “heavy lifting” as the following improves:

  • Supply chain process data and reliability

  • MRP master data effectiveness (replenishment strategies, lead times, lot sizes, safety stock, etc …)

  • Alignment between functions based on lead times, capacity, min lot sizes, handling units, etc …

  • Correct planning strategies, forecast consumption strategies, ATP, etc …

  • On time and in full delivery

  • Source of supply

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